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Mission Statement Statement

For nearly 7 years, I've spent my career daydreaming, planning, and typing furiously to craft clear, conversational content.

Every person and product deserves to have an authentic voice that cuts through the noise, and builds genuine connections with the right crowd. I'm here to help you see the big picture, and take the small steps to get there.

The bottom line? I love telling seriously good stories while not taking myself too seriously.


  • Podcasting about writing tips and Taylor Swift  

  • Occasional standup comedy 

  • Filming amateur granola recipes on TikTok

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We all have to start somewhere, like my internship at Kate Spade New York (which was all sorts of magical.) But I'll never forget about the roles that built my character: babysitter, pizza counter manager, and camp counselor.

Completed a series of internships and odd jobs

This sounds spooky, but I promise it's not. Sometimes I write for brands, sometimes I write on behalf of the geniuses behind them. My goal is to capture your unique voice, so you can maintain your presence while saving valuable time.

Ghostwritten for C-Suite executives

SEO-friendly Blogs 
Brand Decks
Product Descriptions
Email Campaigns
Social Media Posts
Standup Comedy Sets
Strategic Resumes
Very Nice Birthday Cards

Wrote and edited these content pieces:

Podcasts are powerful, and the best road trip companions. I'm lucky to have worked on a few, which involved interviewing influencers and celebrity guests, editing clips, and writing engaging captions for Reels/YouTube shorts.

Produced and hosted advice podcasts for professionals

Healthcare Technology

Managed communications projects for B2B and BTC clients spanning these industries:

Winning stuff is cool, but it should never be the only goal to create true impact. But, it was a proud moment to get industry gold stars for two collaboration projects. For all the details, fill out my contact form below for my portfolio.

Led the creative direction for two award-winning digital collaboration campaigns

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My experience

Writer's block? It happens. If you're starting from scratch with a project, I'll help you bounce ideas and build a clear outline. From there, I'll take the first draft, and be your final set of eyes. 

Content Creation

The blank page

Your words are on paper, but let's take it to the finish line. Maybe you need more, less, or a smoother flow. I can help connect the dots, catch mistakes, and ensure your content embodies confidence and resonates with your audience.


the work in progress

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